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Lifting African Americans out of poverty

July 30   |   Posted by


Yesterday, Angela Glover Blackwell testified before Congress about how to increase economic opportunity for African Americans. She’s the founder and CEO of PolicyLink, a think tank focusing on advancing economic and social equality for low income people and people of color through public policy. I wanted to take a minute to share her thought-provoking ideas with you.

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Time to address income inequality

July 23   |   Posted by


Are Democrats afraid of talking about income inequality? Our country is splitting into a small group of "haves" versus an ever-larger group of have-nots. The 1% have done very well for themselves over the past few decades, but the middle class has been treading water and the people at the bottom are struggling to hold on.

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Jim McDonnell for Los Angeles County Sheriff

July 16   |   Posted by


Last week I wrote about how impressed I was with Jim McDonnell's leadership on the issue of civilian oversight for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department. He will bring in a new era of transparency and success for the department. That's one of the reasons why I am proud to announce my endorsement of McDonnell's campaign for Sheriff today.

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Strong leadership from Jim McDonnell

July 11   |   Posted by


Yesterday Jim McDonnell, a candidate for LA County sheriff, called for the County Board of Supervisors to approve a civilian commission to provide oversight of the department. Read his full statement. McDonnell is likely to be elected our next sheriff this fall, since he received around half of the vote in the crowded primary last month.

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We need a raise

July 10   |   Posted by


As of July 1st, the minimum wage in California increased from $8 to $9 an hour. It will increase again in January 2016 to $10 an hour. Any increase in the minimum wage is a good thing. But we're not limited to thinking small like this. In the Los Angeles Unified School District, SEIU Local 99 (which represents more than 30,000 workers in jobs like teacher's assistants, special education aides, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and custodians) just negotiated a historic contract that would provide for a $15 minimum wage by 2016.

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