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Suits in Solidarity

December 19   |   Posted by


On Monday I was a part of a vigil downtown to show solidarity with protesters around the country and draw additional attention to victims of police brutality like Eric Gardner. More about this event, from the LA Times.

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50 Years Later: Chaos or Community

December 15   |   Posted by


It's about that time... The 23rd Annual Empowerment Congress Summit will be held on Saturday January 17th at the USC Bovard Auditorium in Los Angeles, and you are invited. Attendance is free, click here to register.

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A New Day for the LA County Sheriff’s Office

December 12   |   Posted by


The LA County Sheriff's Office has needed change and accountability for a long time, and finally, that day has come. The county has elected new leadership for the department this fall. Also, on Tuesday Sheila Kuehl and Hilda Solis joined with me as the Board of Supervisors voted at last to create a civilian oversight commission. LA County is sending a clear signal with respect to reform, openness, transparency and accountability.

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Record Breaking

December 05   |   Posted by


In the elections this fall in California, the Legislative Black Caucus grew to its largest size in 47 years, going from eight members last session to 11. It will likely grow by one more after the special election next Tuesday for Senate District 35.

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Vote December 9th for Isadore Hall

December 01   |   Posted by


Election Season is not yet over in California. Next Tuesday will be the special election December 9th to replace former state Sen. Roderick D. Wright. This election is for the 35th State Senate District in the greater Los Angeles area. There will be three Democrats on the ballot and one Republican, but my support goes to Democratic Assemblyman Isadore Hall.

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