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Re-Elect Kamala Harris as California’s Attorney General

October 29   |   Posted by


Kamala Harris has done a great job as California's Attorney General over the past four years, and I enthusiastically support her re-election for four more years!

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Elect Alex Padilla as California's next Secretary of State

October 24   |   Posted by


Alex Padilla and I first got to know each other while serving together on the Los Angeles City Council in '99. Our paths separated, but we worked together again while in the State Senate. I have seen his efforts and the high quality of his work over and over, and I look forward to supporting Alex Padilla as California's next Secretary of State.

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Re-Elect Governor Jerry Brown!

October 22   |   Posted by


Politically speaking, nobody could do Governor like Jerry Brown. I am so proud to have him as my Governor, and thrilled to re-endorse Governor Brown's re-election campaign today.

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Re-Elect Tom Torlakson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

October 15   |   Posted by


I've known Tom Torlakson for many years: we served in the State Senate together and I have seen him do a wonderful job as State Superintendent so far. I supported him in 2010 and glad to do so again. I proudly endorse Tom's re-election this year.

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Betty Yee for State Controller

October 08   |   Posted by


Betty Yee currently serves as one of five members on the California State Board of Equalization, the nation's only elected tax commission. She is the chosen Democratic candidate for State Controller in 2014, and I am proud to endorse Betty Yee's campaign for State Controller today.

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