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Ted Lieu for Congress

September 08   |   Posted by


Ted Lieu is a distinguished State Senator, and running for Henry Waxman's seat in the 33rd Congressional District this fall. I am proud to endorse Ted Lieu's campaign for Congress today.

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Happy Labor Day!

September 01   |   Posted by


This holiday today is brought to you by the labor movement. More about the history of Labor Day. Did you know that the labor movement has brought us an eight-hour workday and weekends off, safety regulations in the workplace, the minimum wage, overtime, and ended child labor?

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August 29   |   Posted by


I am deeply troubled by what's happened in Ferguson. When you turn over a rock, all kinds of things can crawl out from underneath it. The spotlight on this small town in Missouri has brought many uncomfortable issues out into the light, and perhaps we can make good of it by using this opportunity to educate the larger public. For many of us, these are issues we already live with every day.

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Vote YES on Proposition 47

August 28   |   Posted by


This fall there will be several propositions on the ballot, as well as candidates. Let's start by covering Proposition 47, and why you should vote yes.

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Congratulations to George McKenna

August 15   |   Posted by


On Tuesday night, George McKenna won a hard fought election for the District 1 vacant seat on the Los Angeles Unified School Board. Once the election results are finalized (in the next couple days or weeks), he will be sworn in. The voters have spoken.  Democracy has been served. I congratulate him—he won fair and square and he earned it. Not appointed, elected!

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