About Last Night


I was very pleased to see a new generation of leadership step forward yesterday in Los Angeles County – from Autumn Burke to my son Sebastian, and of course Alex Johnson for Los Angeles Unified School District 1. Congratulations also to Hilda Solis with her commanding finish for LA County Board of Supervisors District 1, and Jeffrey Prang for County Assessor. They go on to the November election in a strong position to win.

Congratulations to all the people who ran for office yesterday, win or lose. Public service is a noble calling, and we are well served by the group of candidates that sacrificed much to run.

Speaking of Alex and his strong 2nd place finish, election season is not yet done. The special election for the LAUSD board seat will be going to a runoff August 12th.

Please mark your calendars, and be sure to vote for Alex again in August.

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