Alex Padilla for California's Secretary of State

Alex Padilla is another longtime friend and ally, and supporter of our community. I was proud to endorse him for Secretary of State in 2014, and am proud to endorse him again for re-election.

He is a proud son of immigrants, and went on to serve as President of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO). We served together on the Los Angeles City Council, and again in the California State Senate.


Alex Padilla has shown his true commitment to the power of our democracy and the voting process. As California’s Secretary of State, he has led the charge to pass and implement the New Motor Voter Act, which allows for automatic voter registration in California and will add millions of Californians to the voter rolls. He has also led on promoting online voter registration, which has already resulted in 2 million new voter registered since he took office. He’s leading on online pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds, VoteCal (our new statewide voter registration database), and the Voters Choice Act, which gives voters more options on where, when and how to vote. He’s also standing up to Trump, and national efforts to attack our right to vote.

Alex has focused his efforts on engaging millions of new and underserved voters in our state, and protecting our voter rights in California. That kind of outreach work will make our democracy stronger and more vibrant.

I endorse Alex Padilla for re-election, and hope that together we can continue to make great strides to close the voter registration gap and engage voters in California.

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