Congratulations to Toni Atkins!


We're making progress around the country, and especially here in California. We have new progressive mayors in our largest cities of New York and Los Angeles, who beat tough odds to win their elections last fall. Obamacare and Covered California have brought health insurance to people desperately in need this year. This week alone has seen loving same-sex couples in the South (in Arkansas) able to get legally married for the first time. And here in California, Toni Atkins has now been sworn in as the next Speaker of the House.

Toni Atkins is a former San Diego city councilwoman elected to the Legislature in 2010, and will be the 69th Speaker of the Assembly. She is only the third woman, and the first openly gay woman, to lead the House.

She is an amazing progressive, and will be an inspirational leader in Sacramento. Congratulate Speaker Atkins and sign her card today, courtesy of the California Democratic Party.

So, congratulations and best wishes to Toni Atkins, and I hope we elect another group of dynamic progressives in LA County June 3rd as well. We face setbacks from time to time, like the Supreme Court's recent ruling on affirmative action, and their gutting of the Voting Rights Act last year. But the fight and eventual outcome on Proposal 8 shows Martin Luther King was right: the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.

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