Economic Development - Building Stronger Communities

Our Work is NOT Done

Since his election in 2008, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has worked diligently to enhance the quality of life for residents of the communities he serves. But as hard as he’s already worked, he is working even harder to further strengthen our communities.

Using the new MLK Community Hospital as its anchor, Mark Ridley-Thomas is spearheading new development in and around the MLK Medical Campus that will transform the Willowbrook community and Watts neighborhoods that envelop the campus. The Rosa Parks Station at the junction of Metro’s Blue Line and Green Line light rail systems has won support and funding for a major renovation a half-mile east of the new hospital and adjoining health facilities. This major transit station’s renovation means added jobs and future careers for many community workers seeking still full employment.

More transformation spearheaded by Supervisor Ridley-Thomas is in store further north in the densely populated, culturally diverse Vermont Corridor not far from downtown Los Angeles. Aged, dilapidated and long neglected county government office buildings will soon make way for a modern new 400,000 sq. ft. structure to house the county’s mental health department headquarters.

A mixed-use high-rise with street level retail and commercial spaces is envisioned for Vermont and 6th Street where blighted county buildings now exist. Affordable housing for senior residents, a street-level community center and ample open space are also envisioned for the Vermont Corridor revitalization.

The county’s $453 million Vermont Corridor projects would potentially employ up to 1,400 construction workers and lead to the creation hundreds of permanent post-construction jobs. The last effect will be a stronger Central L.A. community with nearby subway stations connections to county regional transit destinations, retail shops, markets and the Korean American National Museum and Islamic Center of Southern California.