Elect Alex Padilla as California's next Secretary of State


Alex Padilla and I first got to know each other while serving together on the Los Angeles City Council in '99. Our paths separated, but we worked together again while in the State Senate. I have seen his efforts and the high quality of his work over and over, and I look forward to supporting Alex Padilla as California's next Secretary of State.

We have many of the same philosophies in common. One of the reasons why I am so enthusiastic about Alex as Secretary of State is because he has a true commitment to the power of our democracy and the voting process. I founded AAVREP over a decade ago because I believe so strongly in voter empowerment through civic engagement. The African American Voter REP Project is dedicated to registering and turning out African American voters in California, one voter at a time.

Alex Padilla is President of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO), representing more than 6,000 Latino elected and appointed officials nationwide. NALEO is a great non-profit doing critical civic engagement work in the Latino community around the country.

I know he shares that commitment to the broader community, and if elected will focus efforts on engaging millions of new and underserved voters in our state. That kind of outreach work will make our democracy stronger and more vibrant.

California needs his efforts: There are over 1 million people in LA County alone that are eligible to vote but not yet registered. Voter registration and outreach can really work. I endorse Alex Padilla to be our next Secretary of State, and hope that we can make great strides to close the gap together.

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