Elect State Treasurer John Chiang and Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones




Many people who serve us in government have somewhat obscure positions - the work they do to protect California's economy and us is critical but not well understood. John Chiang has done a great job as California's Controller since 2006. Re-elected in 2010, he is now running for State Treasurer. I strongly support John Chiang as Treasurer and know he has the experience and expertise to skillfully manage our state's finances.

I also strongly support re-electing our State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. He was first elected to this position in 2010, and has served us well by regulating our country's largest insurance market and an insurance industry that collects $123 billion in premiums annually.

So far in office, Dave Jones has helped California deliver on the promise of the Affordable Care Act, by implementing it in ways that benefit all of us. For example he forced the insurance companies to deliver on the promise of spending at least 80% of our premiums directly on health care as opposed to marketing or administrative costs. He's also prevented excessive rate hikes and increases, investigated fraud, and protected vulnerable consumer populations.

Likewise, John Chiang has been protecting California consumers from misspent public funds, unlawful taxes, and abuses of power, and rooted out fraud. They both have been good stewards of public funds, and worthy of our trust. I look forward to seeing four more years of good work from them both, and strongly suggest that John Chiang as Treasurer and Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones deserve your vote this fall.

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