Environmental Justice

Supervisor Ridley-Thomas continues the fight for environmental justice on behalf of Second District residents.

Mark Ridley-Thomas has asked for a detailed inventory of all oil fields currently operating within L.A. County’s jurisdiction and requested a report by the county Public Health and Regional Planning departments on strategies to ensure that active oil field operations – including the Inglewood Oil Field near the Baldwin Hills State Recreation Area – are safe, continuously monitored, and nearby residential neighborhoods are protected.

Mark Ridley-Thomas has prevented the practice of “fracking” as a means of oil extraction at the Inglewood Oil Field situated between Baldwin Hills and Culver City. “I want to make it very clear to the residents of my district,” Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas said, “There is no hydraulic fracturing happening in the Inglewood Oil Field and there are no current plans to do so. The Inglewood Oil Field is unique precisely because of the extensive regulations, monitoring and continuing research that makes the public’s health and safety the first priority.”