Janice Hahn is running for LA County Supervisor


Big news for Los Angeles is that Rep. Janice Hahn declared last week that she will run for the 4th District seat on the LA County Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Don Knabe will be term-limited out at the end of next year, and there will most likely be a primary in June of 2016. Rep. Hahn has many years of public service experience for the people of Los Angeles, and will be a formidable candidate because she is so well known in the community.

Rep. Hahn comes from a public-service oriented family. Rep. Hahn's father, Kenneth Hahn, served the people of Los Angeles first on the Los Angeles City Council, and then for many decades on the Board of Supervisors for the 2nd District. I am honored to hold that seat today. Her uncle, Gordon Hahn, was in the California Assembly and also a Los Angeles City Councilman. Her brother, James Hahn, was the Los Angeles City Controller in the 80s, the City Attorney in the 90s, and served as Mayor of Los Angeles from 2001 to 2005.

Janice Hahn has most recently been in Washington D.C. representing the 44th Congressional District (since 2011). She was previously a Los Angeles City Councilwoman from the 15th district from 2001 to 2011, so she has served the people of Los Angeles on the city and federal levels before. She is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles, and lives in San Pedro. Before her election to public office, Rep. Hahn was a teacher and a businesswoman.

Rep. Hahn is a strong proponent of working families. She worked to pass a living wage for hotel workers, secure affordable healthcare for LAX workers, and has walked the picket lines for dockworkers. She understands that we are all in this together, and that Los Angeles will not thrive until all of us can make a good wage, have decent working conditions and afford the American Dream. I look forward to seeing her join the field to represent the 4th District.

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