Jeffrey Prang for Los Angeles County Assessor


I'm proud to support Jeffrey Prang for the office of LA County Assessor this year.

I'm endorsing Jeffrey because he's the best choice to turn around the County Assessor's office. In the midst of all the scandal the office currently faces, we need somebody who is ready to hit the ground running to clean it up.

Prang has a plan to do just that. He will focus on replacing their obsolete computer systems and paper records, to deliver the modern and accurate services that LA County residents deserve. He'll increase transparency of public data too, to prevent future ethics scandals like the one we're in the middle of right now.

Jeffrey is the most qualified for this position because he's held senior level public service positions before, and he knows how to manage a large and complex public agency. Because he's worked for the County Assessor for the past two years, he will be ready to go on Day 1.

The Los Angeles County Assessor's office desperately needs reform. The new assessor, staff and the board should be focusing on restoring public trust in the management and operation of the assessor’s office. I support Jeffrey Prang as the best candidate to deliver on that reform.

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