Jeffrey Prang for Los Angeles County Assessor

I’m proud to support Jeffrey Prang in his re-election for the office of LA County Assessor.

I originally endorsed Jeffrey in 2014 because he was the best choice to turn around the county’s Assessor’s office. He promised to deliver change – and he helped cleaned up the department, upgraded its outdated computer system, put millions of paper records online, and improved public outreach as promised.

As the LA Times put it in their endorsement, “These are important steps forward in efficiency and public service... voters would be wise to give him another term.”

Jeffrey Prang is the most qualified for this position because he’s done it. He’s also held senior level public service positions before, and he knows how to manage a large and complex public agency. He has done a fine job over the past four years, and deserves another term in office.

I support Jeffrey Prang for re-election as LA County Assessor, where he can continue to deliver reforms that benefit LA County residents.


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