LA Sentinel: African American and Latino Leaders Call on Eric Garcetti to Denounce Hateful Comments From ‘Adviser’ Kevin James

Via LA Sentinel News Service

Los Angeles – Leaders in the African American and Latino communities today called on Eric Garcetti to denounce hateful comments made by right-wing shock jock Kevin James targeting both groups, and to apologize to those offended by the remarks.

James, who endorsed Garcetti last month, has compared President Obama to a Nazi sympathizer, referred to immigrants as “illegal alien thugs”, and said that Daffy Duck should be President Obama’s obvious choice to replace Justice Souter because Daffy is black, disabled, “a member of the Hollywood elite,” and “a professional victim.”

When he accepted James’ endorsement, Garcetti said he couldn’t be “prouder to have his support,” and said James would be an “adviser” on his campaign.

“This sort of rhetoric has no place in our civic dialogue and raises serious concerns about the kind of company Councilmember Garcetti is willing to keep for the sake of political expediency. It is imperative that these comments--and, more importantly, the fundamental worldview behind them--be renounced in the strongest possible terms. I would expect nothing less anyone who is running to be the Mayor of all of Los Angeles,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

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