LAT: Leimert Park Village deserves a rail station

My Op-Ed via LA Times

Two years ago, every one of the elected officials representing South Los Angeles — members of the City Council, the Legislature and Congress — joined in an unprecedented show of unity to call for the Crenshaw-to-LAX light-rail line to include a stop in Leimert Park Village.

Hundreds of residents packed the Metropolitan Transportation Authority hearing room and urged the board to include this historic stop in what is the heart of the African American community and, increasingly, an important residential and business center for Latinos.

We urged, we made a case, we explained. We prepared for the best and braced for the worst. We were told maybe.

In other words, a dream deferred.

Now, another vote on whether the line will include a station in Leimert Park Village is set for May 23. Will Metro make the right decision?

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