Local Control Funding Formula


Lost in the fog of last week's LAUSD story, was an even more important issue coming to us very soon.

It's called LCFF and that stands for Local Control Funding Formula. The infographic below explains it, but the concept is simple and important.

The Governor's new budget calls for more money to be spent on the neediest schools and kids and not distributed equally.

This makes sense.

Kids that need more help, should get more help to become in sync with their peers.  We have schools and districts that are falling further and further behind and this change gives us the chance to finally get the curve going in the other direction.

Remember the term LCFF. We will be talking and advocating to make sure our schools and kids get the promised resources.

The law lays out the general idea, but parent power will make sure it's implemented.

Watch this blog for more information and please read my recent Huffington Post essay: Why We Can't Close the School Achievement Gap.


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