Los Angeles Times endorses Mark Ridley-Thomas for Supervisor

Thank you so much to the LA Times for endorsing me in my re-election bid. It has been an honor to serve the Second District and LA County for the last eight years, and I hope to continue to serve the people for a third and final term.

As the LA Times put it, “…Ridley-Thomas has helped move an often moribund county government into action, with better services for those people -- the poor, the homeless, the sick, the marginalized -- who rely on the county for their very survival. He has been good for his district, which previously had suffered from years of neglect. He's a good supervisor, and for whatever it's worth in a one-candidate race, The Times endorses him for reelection.”

I appreciate their trust, and I look forward to the opportunity to expand upon the progress we've made and do even more in the coming years. There is still more work to be done for the future of LA County, and we can do it together.

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