Lynwood's Long History and Promising Future

download_(4).jpegThe roots of modern Lynwood go all the way back to 1810 when Don Antonio Lugo, received a grant to a tract of land of almost 30,000 acres which he called Rancho San Antonio most likely because he was originally born in San Antonio.

Lugo actually became alcalde (mayor) of Los Angeles, from 1816 to 1819, and a well known social and community leader.  He died in 1860 and as was customary, divided his land up among his 8(!) children. It was his daughter Guadalupe that inherited Lynwood.

It then was passed around from several people until Slauson, a Los Angeles banker and yes, the same Slauson the street is named after took control.  When C.H. Sessions took over the land, he founded  "the Lynwood Dairy and Creamery".  

lynwood.jpgThen the railroad company came through and called the stop “lynwood siding”.  

Thus, the name stuck.

Lynwood is currently in the news for helping implement “ The Great California ShakeOut”: a drill and preparedness exercise at City Hall and the Civic Center.

The drill will take place Thursday, Oct. 17, when organizations, schools and other agencies will simulate an earthquake disaster and respond as though an event has occurred in the community.

City Council members during their regular City Council meeting Tuesday night will recognize the Great California ShakeOut with a City Proclamation. This year's statewide event will take place at 10:17 a.m.

Deborah Jackson, Director of the City’s PR Department said, “Public safety is our number one priority all year around. Earthquakes aren’t something that we deal with all of the time, but we do live in California, so it is vital that we be prepared for anything."

That’s smart thinking and I hope the drill goes well and signals more programs in Lynwood aimed at beefing up their services and managing their city.  

They have some exciting things to look forward to:  a new $5 million community center at Burke/Ham Park and a new $4.9 million walking trail park along the Fernwood Corridor.  Those types of projects encourage residents and businesses to come to Lynwood and revitalize the city.

images_(9).jpegI would be remiss if I didn’t mention this year’s Dodgers Playoff and note that Lynwood once produced one of the finest Dodgers of their golden era, Duke Snider.  I hope his spirit is still here and gives the Dodgers the extra strength to make it to the World Series.

Go Big Blue!

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