More endorsements for the March Primary

Last week I strongly endorsed Eric Garcetti for Los Angeles Mayor, Curren Price Jr. for LA City Council 9th District, Mónica García for Board District 2 in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Yes on H to help end homelessness in LA, and No on S a terrible NIMBY ballot measure.

Today I am pleased to announce my additional endorsements for March 7th.

Mike Feuer for LA City Attorney. He is thoughtful and hard-working and very conscious of his moral compass, and has served Los Angeles well over the past four years.

Ron S. Galperin for LA City Controller. He has done a fine job watching over the city's finances, and I look forward to seeing him bring more accountability to the city with his audits and recommendations in the future.

Gilbert "Gil" Cedillo for LA City Council 1st District. He is a good man and a long-time colleague. We worked together in Sacramento and now at the city and county level, and he continues to strive for the people of Los Angeles. 

Bob Blumenfield for LA City Council 3rd District. He has served his West San Fernando Valley District ably, and will be an asset to our city for another term.

Mike Bonin for LA City Council 11th District. He has been a forceful advocate for the Westside over the past four years, I have greatly respected the work he has done to help house the homeless and look forward to working with him in the future.

Mitch O'Farrell for LA City Council 13th District. He has sounded the alarm about Los Angeles' housing crisis, has advocated for many policies to increase affordable housing and will continue to do so for another term.

Joe Buscaino for LA City Council 15th District. I have gotten to know him better while working together on the Watts area, and greatly respect his efforts on behalf of all his constituents. I hope to carry on this important work with him in future years.

Please be sure to vote on March 7th on all these great candidates and important issues to move Los Angeles County forward.

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