My endorsements for 2016

I am supporting Hillary Clinton for President. Her focus on children and on working families is much needed to carry on the legacy of President Obama. She has a long history of public service, and will help us be stronger together. Hillary Clinton will fight for us, and so #ImWithHer.

I am also endorsing Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate. She cares about our community, and so I have long supported her as California’s Attorney General. I know she will serve us equally well as our next U.S. Senator.

I support Janice Hahn for LA County Supervisor District 4. She is a strong proponent of working families, and worked to pass a living wage for hotel workers, secure affordable healthcare for LAX workers, and has walked the picket lines for dockworkers. She’s also working to help solve the homelessness problem in Los Angeles, calling for the Governor to take action and declare a homelessness state of emergency.

I am endorsing Kathryn Barger for LA County Supervisor District 5. Born, raised, and a lifelong resident of the Fifth District, she is the Chief Deputy Supervisor and has the experience that LA County needs.

I support Measure M--the Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan. We need a modern transportation system for LA. This is also about jobs, jobs and more jobs.  There is no other public construction project in this state that will generate 400,000+ jobs.

I endorse Measure A for Local Parks. Measure A will replace expiring local funding for safe, clean neighborhood parks. Los Angeles County is “park poor” compared to other urban areas throughout the United States, and low-income communities of color are the worst off. Measure A funding will focus on park equity, prioritizing the neighborhoods that most need park improvements.

I support Proposition HHH to Help House the Homeless. From 2015 to 2016, there was a 55-percent increase in homelessness among women, and a 20-percent increase in encampments throughout the county. It is our responsibility to step up. We must address the issue now, in economic good times, rather than waiting until the next recession or downturn and leaving people out in the cold in the meantime.

Please be sure to vote on November 8th for all these great candidates and issues to move California (and our country) forward.

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