My endorsements for the March Primary

I endorse Eric Garcetti for Los Angeles Mayor. He is a friend and ally, and we have built a strong working relationship together on ending homelessness in LA. He has done a fine job as Mayor, and I look forward to seeing even more progress in the next several years.

I am proud to support Curren Price Jr. in his re-election campaign for LA City Council 9th District. He is a stand-up colleague and effective small business advocate. He understands the needs of working people, and is improving the quality of life for the people of the 9th district, using his experience to help create the jobs and opportunities they need to succeed.

I endorse Mónica García for Board District 2 in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). She has been an ally, and her goal is to help every child in the district to graduate and break the cycle of poverty. She is a leader in the community, and together we can work to achieve this for all our children.

I strongly support Measure H to help end homelessness in LA County. Homelessness is a crisis in LA County. Measure H will provide mental health services, substance abuse treatment services, rapid rehousing and more to the 47,000 people without shelter and help prevent up to 30,000 people from losing their homes. Measure H will help us save as much as 6 times the amount we are already spending by focusing on prevention. Let’s be bold and solve homelessness at last in our community!

I oppose Measure S, a terrible NIMBY Ballot measure. The Yes on S campaign is ill-conceived, misleading and deceptive. If it passes, it would limit development in the city of Los Angeles and make our affordable housing crisis and homelessness crisis much worse. We cannot allow this to happen.

Please be sure to vote on March 7th on all these great candidates and important issues to move Los Angeles County forward.

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