New Leaders for New Challenges


On Sunday, I watched as my son was sworn in by Attorney General Kamala Harris to be the Assemblymember of the 52nd District. I had the emotions you might expect: pride, love, joy and a sense that a new generation of leaders were stepping forward to continue the work my generation started years ago.

Our priorities, ideas and strategies may not always line up, but I know that new leaders like Sebastian, Aja Brown, and others share a common sense of social justice and the urge to fight for equity.

We need to give them space to make their own way and decisions, but we must always make sure they do not compromise what makes them so unique: their values.

Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas is not new to the Assembly (he worked their for years under then Senator Curren Price), but he will need to find his natural voice as an extension of his District. I know he will and can already hear it when he spoke that proud day.

Some lament when a new generation begins to step up, but I, for one, rejoice because I know that these leaders will continue to fight, press and cajole to bring our communities the resources they need.

I will be there to help when asked, to advocate when needed and to counsel when called upon, not only as a fellow leader, but as a father.

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