Nury Martinez for City Council


I am proud to endorse City Councilmember Nury Martinez in her re-election to Los Angeles' 6th district, which will be on March 3rd. She has done a fine job for Los Angeles, and especially working families. I hope she will continue to serve in City Council for the future of Los Angeles.

Nury Martinez was one of the leaders in raising the minimum wage for hotel workers in Los Angeles last year. She also co-authored a proposal to increase the wage for all workers in Los Angeles to $13.25 per hour by 2017, and then increase it annually based on the Consumer Price Index.

I got to know her through her work on stopping child sex trafficking. She has worked to increase police patrols, enforcement against johns and pimps, and help prostitutes find a better way of life. Nury showed how much she cares by participating in our march last spring to send a message to the community.


Nury Martinez is a member of the Los Angeles City Council in the 6th district (central and eastern San Fernando Valley). She was originally elected to City Council in a special election in 2013 to replace Tony Cardenas, who won election to Congress. She is the only woman on the Los Angeles City Council, and the first Latina in a quarter century.

Nury Martinez was born, raised and educated in the San Fernando Valley, and is a lifelong Valley resident. In 1996, Nury and her family helped to organize the community after the announced closure of the Price Pfister plant and the loss of local jobs. She then served as Mayor of the City of San Fernando. In 2009, Martinez was elected as a member of the Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District, representing the LAUSD District 6. She also served as Executive Director of Pacoima Beautiful.

To find out more about Nury's campaign or show your support, you can join her on Facebook.

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