Huffington Post Op-Ed: The National Rifle Association Is Correct: I Do Want Your Guns

The National Rifle Association Is Correct: I Do Want Your Guns

Let's stop mincing words; Let progressives -- not all but certainly many -- stop feigning tolerance for a gun culture we abhor and rampant gun ownership we cannot comprehend.

Since December, when the nation was devastated by the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I have watched with dismay as leftist punditry attributes our nation's horrific level of gun violence to some variation of the same recipe: the availability of rapid-fire weapons, the ease with which obscene amounts of ammunition can be purchased, and the deadly combination of firearms and mental illness.

We talk of compromise with a group that is unwilling to come to the table. We seek to close a loophole here, toughen a restriction there, and pray these efforts save lives. Without a doubt, I support President Obama's common sense recommendations to reduce gun violence. But tied to that approach, there needs to be something bigger. Something that transcends new laws and executive orders. We must commit ourselves to establishing a peaceful culture dedicated to the principles of nonviolence.

That proposition, nonviolence, is at odds with the policy pathways carved out by both the political left and the right. It is at odds with the proliferation of murderous depictions in movies and video games. It flies in the face of the Wild West narrative of our history, runs counter to the business interests of arms manufacturers and fundamentally contradicts everything for which the gun lobby stands.

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