Our Weekly Op-Ed: "Protecting the promise of America and California on Election Day"

On Nov. 6, millions of us will show up to make our voices heard at the ballot box. In California, voters overwhelmingly support President Barack Obama’s vision for moving this country forward and are working hard to ensure that he gets four more years in the White House to build on the historic protections he has won for the middle class.

But we cannot afford to become complacent: the same middle class is under threat here in California. The outcome of two statewide ballot initiatives, Propositions 30 and 32, will have tremendous implications for our state’s promise of quality public education, safe neighborhoods and the right of working Californians to have an equal say in the political process.

As a community, we need to educate, motivate and participate to pass Prop. 30 and defeat Prop. 32—not only because our children’s futures and our political voice are at stake, but because our proud heritage of civic engagement compels us to do so.

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