Pollworkers NEEDED for the June 5th Primary Election

This Tuesday, June 5th, is the Statewide Primary Election. The Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk NEEDS more Poll Workers to help make sure everything runs smoothly on election day.

“Community pollworkers are essential to fair and open elections,” said Dean Logan. The RR/CC recruits up to 25,000 poll workers every major election. Pollworkers are assigned to work in their local election precinct. Any registered voter can volunteer to serve their local community by working as a pollworker. It is a chance to assist friends and neighbors in exercising their right to vote. “Without poll workers elections cannot function,” concluded Logan.

Currently, Pollworkers are needed in key cities and neighborhoods that have high levels of voter turnout and civic participation. The RR/CC is calling on voters to help support their local polling place.

Registered voters residing in these communities are strongly encouraged to volunteer as poll workers for the June 5, 2012 Statewide Primary Elections. Pollworkers receive a stipend of up to $105 in appreciation for their service.

To apply visit www.lavote.net or call (800) 815-2666 (Option 7). Registered voters may apply up until June 4, 2012.