Raising the Wage for Los Angeles’ Hotel Workers

Raise the WageKudos to the L.A. City Council for approving the minimum-wage hike for hotel workers. The City Council voted 12 to 3 on Wednesday that large hotels in Los Angeles will need to pay at least $15.37/hr. to their employees.

Per the LA Times, the wage boost will go into effect in July for hotels with at least 300 rooms, expanding a year later to hotels with at least 150 rooms. The measure is expected to cover at least 40 hotels and, depending on the analysis, anywhere from 5,300 to 13,500 workers.

This is not an isolated incident, but part of a larger national fight on income inequality, the minimum wage, and making sure that all workers can support their families. Fast food workers around the country have been organizing around a goal of $15/hr. living wage, and winning. A couple months ago SEIU Local 99 negotiated for a $15 minimum wage for their workers in the Los Angeles Unified School District, which shows we don't need to think small.

This week we learned that the Los Angeles City Council can be an ally as well in the fight for a living wage for all workers.

On Labor Day, Mayor Garcetti called for a minimum wage in the city of Los Angeles of at least $13.25 by 2017, with the goal of passing it around January. Will a minimum wage increase for the entire city pass City Council? It can if they hear the people support it.

On the county level, we don't have to sit still either. We could amend our outdated living wage ordinance to force County contractors and subcontractors to update the living wage to their employees. We should be leaders on behalf of our workers.

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