Re-Elect Governor Jerry Brown!


Politically speaking, nobody could do Governor like Jerry Brown. I am so proud to have him as my Governor, and thrilled to re-endorse Governor Brown's re-election campaign today.

His many years of experience are just one of the reasons why he is the best choice this fall. Elected as California Secretary of State in 1970, Jerry Brown was first chosen as Governor of California in 1974. He served with distinction and was re-elected in 1978 for a second term. After declining a run for 3rd term at the time, he served in numerous state, local, and party positions then ran for President in 1992. He later served as Mayor of Oakland, Attorney General of California, then ran for Governor in 2010 and was elected for a 3rd term. If re-elected this fall, it will be his 4th term. More about Governor Brown.

Since his election in 2010, Governor Jerry Brown and the Democratic Party have turned our state around. Do you remember when we couldn't pass a budget? When it felt like we didn't have a bright future anymore? Governor Brown reduced debt, improved California's credit rating, shored up our education and public safety systems. I can't wait to see what he does with 4 more years in office.

Governor Brown has done great things for California. From protecting our most vulnerable people by cracking down on human trafficking and looking out for children in the foster care system, to fixing our government and making the budget process work again, strengthening our democracy by encouraging people to vote. He's looking out for our future and our children's futures by taking action on climate change.

Californians, be sure to vote November 4th and re-elect Governor Jerry Brown!

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