Re-Elect Kamala Harris as California’s Attorney General


Kamala Harris has done a great job as California's Attorney General over the past four years, and I enthusiastically support her re-election for four more years!

Kamala Harris is an inspiration. She is the first African-American, Indian-American and woman to hold the office of Attorney General in California. Harris first served as a Deputy District Attorney in Alameda County, California, then was later elected as District Attorney of San Francisco, finally elected as Attorney General statewide in 2010.

I support her because she cares about our community. One of her first public appearances was at the Empowerment Congress Summit in 2010, where she delivered the keynote and talked about her smart-on-crime vision for California's justice system. At the time, I said she would be a key ally in our efforts to create a more restorative model of justice here in Los Angeles County. She has more than delivered on that promise.

We are now on the brink of a key vote statewide that would mark a new way forward for California's criminal justice system. If Proposition 47 passes next week, it will change the school to prison pipeline, reinvesting money from jails to rehabilitation programs - giving people the tools and opportunities to change their lives around. Her goal of reducing recidivism in California will be more than fulfilled.

Californians, be sure to vote November 4th and re-elect Attorney General Kamala Harris!

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