Re-Elect LG Gavin Newsom and BOE Chair Jerome Horton




Continuing my theme of the great candidates and choices to make on Tuesday, here's more about why I support re-electing Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and BOE Chair Jerome Horton.

Jerome Horton is the first member to join the Equalization Board with twenty-one years of prior Board of Equalization experience (as business tax law specialist), the first African American to serve on the Board in its history and the third African American California Constitutional Officer.

We have known and respected each other for many years. While I got my start in Los Angeles City Council in the 90s, Horton was serving on Inglewood's City Council. We served together in the State Assembly in the early 2000s. He was then appointed to the Board of Equalization in 2009, elected the Vice Chair, and then elected to his own 4-year term in 2010. In 2011 he was elected Chair. The wealth of expertise Jerome Horton brings to the table is one of the reasons why he has accomplished so much at the Board, including protecting and serving California taxpayers and working families.

Gavin Newsom comes from a successful small business background, founding 15 small businesses. He was first appointed to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1997, and elected in 1998. He was first elected as Mayor in 2003. Newsom came to national attention in 2004 when he bravely directed the San Francisco City-County Clerk to stand against prejudice and marry same-sex couples in San Francisco. Now after Proposition 8 has been thrown out by the courts, gay marriage is recognized law across California.

Gavin went on to successfully run for Lt. Governor in California in 2010. As Lt. Governor, he brings his business expertise to the public sector as the chief architect of California's Economic Growth and Competitiveness Agenda, a blueprint for continued economic growth.

I strongly endorse four more years of the leadership of Gavin Newsom as our Lt Governor, and Jerome Horton as our Board of Equalization Chair. Please vote for Newsom and Horton on Tuesday.

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