Restoring King Hospital

Check out this recent article from the L.A. Watts Times about Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas' work to restore King Hospital.

Restoring King Hospital. Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has made the restoration of MLK Hospital to its full potential, a cornerstone of his administration via L.A. Watts Times.

Some article highlights:

Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas has been the driving force to restore to Greater South Los Angeles the critical life-sustaining healthcare resource that was lost due to mismanagement and high profile medical failures.

Under the leadership of Supervisor Ridley-Thomas, the Board recently awarded $16.8 million in additional funding for construction of the MLK multi-service ambulatory care center, according to the news report.  That amount added to the total budget of $167 million. The report went on to state that the action taken by the Board was for the installation of standard hospital equipment, such as surgical lights, surgical integrated camera systems, and scrub sinks.  However, the combination of the aforementioned funding moves the hospital closer to completion.

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