LAT: L.A. County aims to restrict lawn sales

Via LA Times

Los Angeles County supervisors agreed Tuesday to explore ways to restrict illegal vending and lawn sales, a move that could give sheriff's deputies more power to seize goods and issue fines.

Selling used clothes or fruit from front yards or carts on busy streets has been common in Los Angeles for years. But Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and law enforcement officials say the tradition has evolved into a problem, especially in communities around Watts, where informal flea markets have developed on some blocks.

Ridley-Thomas and some residents say the illegal vendors hurt legitimate businesses, dodge sales tax laws and increase traffic in residential neighborhoods.

Sheriff's Capt. Joseph Gooden, who oversees the station that patrols Watts, told supervisors that his deputies receive as many as 40 calls a day about unlicensed sales, making it one of their most frequent citizen complaints.

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