On Our Right to Vote

1544535_668705463173810_376476560_n-e1388951147584.jpg I blogged earlier this year about the recent Supreme Court decision on the landmark Voting Rights Act, but I could have hardly imagined that just a couple months later I would be standing before an elected Board arguing the case for the right to vote myself.

Luckily, I was joined by a large coalition who understood that the right to self determination is hallowed ground and that with the beloved Board member LaMotte 's passing it could not be surrendered or negotiated with by a few.

For leaders in District 1 it was a moral imperative to mobilize and make our case plain.  I'm proud we did so with civility and by focusing on the over 1700 people who stood up and said, simply and with dignity, "No, if anyone chooses to replace the irreplaceable LaMotte it will be her community.

Some press got lost in backroom stories but for me and those that joined me,  this was not about power. This was about empowerment.

I've worked my whole life to empower my community. No amount of pressure would ever get me to give up my life's cause.

Now, the election will proceed and may the best man or woman win.  Public leadership must be earned, like trust, respect, loyalty and love.

I have abiding regard for my community and I was proud to serve them this week before the LAUSD Board. 

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  • Mark Ridley-Thomas
    published this page in Blog 2014-01-14 16:24:01 -0800