Songhai Armstead for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge


I'm proud to endorse Songhai "Sunny" Armstead for Judge. She is a serious candidate, and one of a new generation of leaders emerging in California. In addition to Alex Johnson for School Board, Autumn Burke for Assembly and many others, we have the opportunity to elect new faces across LA County and our state on Tuesday.

Songhai has over a decade of experience working both within the courtroom as a prosecutor and in the community initiating programs to improve neighborhoods, prevent crimes and reduce recidivism. At the City Attorney's Office she has been a trial attorney, and a neighborhood prosecutor, and now serves as the Supervising Deputy City Attorney, overseeing several programs.

Walking neighborhoods with her on Monday, I got to see her work ethic firsthand. She will work hard to serve Los Angeles County, and will listen to the people she's working with and for.

One of the reasons why I support Songhai is that she will consider out of the box options to avoid cycling people in and out of jail without real opportunities for rehabilitation. Electing a new Sheriff is one part of the equation for reform. But we also need a justice system that looks at how to keep us safe, while helping offenders with the support they need to make new lives for themselves on the outside.

Songhai was instrumental in creating and implementing the City's Homeless Alternatives to Living on the Street (HALO) program designed to help the mentally ill, drug addicted and homeless. She also initiated the City's Safer Cities Initiative (SCI), Veterans' Alternative Legal Options and Resources (VALOR), and runs the Los Angeles County Homeless Court program. That’s the kind of thinking we need for a better Los Angeles.

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