Suits in Solidarity


On Monday I was a part of a vigil downtown to show solidarity with protesters around the country and draw additional attention to victims of police brutality like Eric Gardner. More about this event, from the LA Times.

In Los Angeles County, together we made significant progress in bringing greater accountability by approving a motion to establish an Oversight Commission of the LA Sheriff's office. We've made great strides in this country since the passage of the Civil Rights Act and other groundbreaking laws. But we still have a long way to go.

So I stand in solidarity with the young people protesting injustice around the country. Our society at large has a problem with African American men, and I wanted to show that we are more than the sum of a stereotype. As citizens, we deserve to know that law enforcement is being held accountable for abuses of power, and that the good people who work to protect us are not being tarnished by those that don't have our best wishes at heart.

I can understand why people are distrustful and cynical about whether this will happen. The modern justice system does not offer equal treatment to all, and our prisons show the effects. Passing Proposition 47 in California was a good first step, but we must also right the wrongs of the justice system to restore confidence in law enforcement going forward. We must hold accountable the people that abuse and misuse the power entrusted in them by the public. Black lives matter, and we must not sit down until the world acknowledges it.

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