Thank you to AG Eric Holder for his service


I was surprised and disappointed to learn last week that Attorney General Eric Holder is planning to step down. I haven't always seen eye to eye with him, but I felt he was a man of integrity who did his best to deliver justice from the Department of Justice.

Eric Holder is the first African-American Attorney General in the United States. Despite 6 years of constant sniping by the political opposition, he has accomplished a lot during his tenure and has much to be proud of. I thank him for his service, and wish him the best for whatever opportunity he chooses next.

Eric Holder has made a point of turning around the Civil Rights division at the Department of Justice, from an afterthought in the Bush years to a priority under Obama. His watch has been desperately needed, as the past few years have seen an all-out assault on voters' rights from the Supreme Court and legislators, and out-of-control violence from the police in Ferguson and elsewhere, even closer to home.

For taking a second look at the war on drugs and the resulting prison population explosion, to refusing to defend DOMA cases and the resulting wave of pro-marriage equality court verdicts, and fighting for real immigration reform, he will be remembered. I can only hope that his successor is as thoughtful and justice-minded as Eric Holder.

More about Eric Holder's accomplishments, via Slate.

Eric Holder's impacts on California, via SF Gate.

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