The Arrival of the Affordable Care Act

1000322_607026142671146_38613191_n.pngThis Tuesday, October 1st we begin a new chapter in the history of how we as a nation and as a state care for our citizens.

On Tuesday, open enrollment for health insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act begins. This means that millions of Americans who, before this bill was passed will be able to obtain health insurance that is both comprehensive and affordable.

Because of the Affordable Care Act, Californians who have pre-existing conditions, are unemployed, under employed, or work for companies that do not provide health insurance can begin shopping for policies that will meet the needs of their families at rates they can afford.


While coverage will not begin until January 1, 2014, Californians can research their options at a wonderful resource produced by CoveredCA here (click to download): 

Here are some graphics that explain the new system as well.  President Obama and many of us fought for this day.  Let's be educated and make it count!

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