You may have heard me speak about this issue before, or read the Steve Lopez article on the inhuman conditions some women are living under, but, now, we are all called to action to March Against Sex Trafficking of Children.

For a child to be used in such a way is against all that is decent and humane and we cannot stand by and let it continue.  This is not a choice, but a moral obligation, no matter your religion or creed.

These children must be freed from their prisons and the men that committed these heinous acts must answer for it before the law.  

We live in a polarized political country, but this is one issue we can come together on and make a difference.

So, join me and the thousands that march to demand action and an end to child trafficking.SexTrafficking_RSVP_English_Flyer.pdf__1_page_.jpg


I, for one, will not rest, will keep marching and use every resource I have until this ends.  I hope you will heed the call and activate your networks to march.   These children need us desperately.

Let us not forget them.

FLYERS (English)

FLYERS (Espanol) 

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