Voting Rights Continued

Now that we have established the right to vote in Los Angeles, President Obama reminds us that for others in our country, Voting Rights have been weakened by the recent Supreme Court decision.

In his State of the Union, the President made it clear that he intends to fight for this issue and I for one will stand with him.

There were many reasons for the Voting Rights Act and while circumstances have improved, there are still parts of this nation where elected officials dream up ingenious ways to lessen voter turnout.


Perhaps it is because their policies would be rejected by constituents who have waited too long for equity in their communities.

Equity in education, jobs, opportunity, health and all the things we hold dear in America.

As for me, I want to make it easier to vote, to register, to take part in our democracy. There is a new Voting Rights Act on the horizon. While it may need improvements, it is the first step towards restoration. 

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